Tarja Barton Illustrator

Robins in the backyard





Pair of Doves

Caught these two flying around our backyard.


Pine Cone Sketch

Took advantage of the beautiful weather today and sat on our backyard patio with my sketch pad, 2H pencil and brushed tipped marker (and a glass of Baileys Irish Cream).PineCone wLettering_web

Common Rosemallow Illustration

Illustration created with Prismacolor Premier Art Markers. Lettering using Tombow Dual Brush marker.


Geese are here to stay


Apparently our neighbour’s pond won over our rolling hill (with the annoying humans). I just hope that they don’t decide to stroll across the busy road. For some reason, they seem to think that they own the neighbourhood.

IMG_0005 TwoGeese cr webIMG_0006 TwoGeese2 cr web

Garlic Illustration

It’s another rainy day at the latter part of April that couldn’t turn in to snow, or could it? Good grief, I hope not! While stuck in the house, I had a sudden urge to illustrate. After picking out a few items, outside (in the rain) and inside, I decided to try to illustrate a garlic. Surprisingly, I have not tried to draw one before. The drawing itself is done with 2H and 4B pencil, while the lettering is done using ‘Tombow’ Black Dual Brush pen. Illustrating is a great way to learn about the object itself and in this case the latin names.


New Neighbours

Seems that we have new neighbours moving in.


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