Tarja Barton Illustrator

Begonia Rough Sketch

Earlier yesterday, I had stopped at the local garden center to pick up some salad and pickled beets, when I noticed this Begonia by the cash register. I couldn’t resist, I knew I had to draw it! So… Read More

Birds etc

I was sketching in the back patio for several hours this afternoon May 27, 2018, and had my camera set up on a tripod. After I had filled the bird feeder and replaced the water in the birdbath,… Read More

Around the backyard

Robins in the backyard


Pair of Doves

Caught these two flying around our backyard.

Pine Cone Sketch

Took advantage of the beautiful weather today and sat on our backyard patio with my sketch pad, 2H pencil and brushed tipped marker (and a glass of Baileys Irish Cream).