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Cardinal Female cr IMG_0208Squirrel Cr 7x5 IMG_0181Sm Bird IMG_0172Columbine IMG_0178Cardinals Male Cr IMG_0196Cardinals IMG_0196Cardinal Female cr IMG_0199

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I was sketching in the back patio for several hours this afternoon May 27, 2018, and had my camera set up on a tripod. After I had filled the bird feeder and replaced the water in the birdbath, I finally caught the attention of a few birds. The Cardinals have been doing flybys for a few days and today they decided to stay for a few minutes.

Pair of Doves

Caught these two flying around our backyard.


Geese are here to stay


Apparently our neighbour’s pond won over our rolling hill (with the annoying humans). I just hope that they don’t decide to stroll across the busy road. For some reason, they seem to think that they own the neighbourhood.

IMG_0005 TwoGeese cr webIMG_0006 TwoGeese2 cr web

New Neighbours

Seems that we have new neighbours moving in.


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