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Kodak Duaflex III – Technical Illustration

Duaflex-CameraTechIllustrationExample of an exploded view technical illustration of a KODAK Duaflex III camera. Media: Pen & Ink. ©2015 Tarja K. Kuronen.


Echinacea purpurea illustration already sold!

Had to run out to get another giclee print matted, to replace the one already sold at the SONSI exhibit! It’s open to public on Saturdays and Sundays at the The Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre in Ancaster, Ontario.

Classic Car Show 2015

Spent a nice afternoon at Country Gardens RV Park in Kitchener, Ontario and took some photos of their 2nd annual Classic Car Show. Beautiful weather and beautiful cars!

CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_3 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_4 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_5CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_8 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_6 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_7  CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_9 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_10 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_11 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_12 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_13 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_14 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_15 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_18 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_19 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_20 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_21 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_22 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_23 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_24 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_25 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_27 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_28 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_29 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_30 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_31 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_32 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_33 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_34 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_35 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_36 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_37 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_38 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_39 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_40 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_41 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_42 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_43 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_44 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_45 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_46 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_47 CarShow_CountryGardens_Aug232_fb_48

Echinacea purpurea – Eastern Purple Coneflower


This illustration was created using just a little watercolor to determine shadows and highlights and Faber-Castell Polychromos color pencils for all detail work. All that needs to be done now is to create museum quality giclee prints and delivery to the exhibit location in Ancaster, Ontario.

Echinacea purpurea Botanical Illustration – The Beginning

Finally decided on the type of plant I wanted to illustrate for the exhibit at The Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre in Ancaster, Ontario. Pencil drawing of the Echinacea purpurea is done and transferred to watercolor paper. My studio is organized and ready for some serious painting! The exhibit will be open to visitors during weekends between September 5 and November 1, 2015. If you’re in the area, come and visit the exhibit to view beautiful illustrations created by members of the Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators group. Exhibit is at The Giant’s Rib Discovery Centre, located in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. http://www.giantsrib.ca/discovery-centres/

House Finch Illustration – June 29, 2015

House Finch Illustration. Watercolor and Faber-Castell Polychromos color pencils. ©2015 Tarja K. Kuronen.HouseFinch_Jun29_fb

Blooms from my own garden – June 29, 2015

In between illustrating a House Finch, I took my camera to my backyard and took a few photos of my own flowers and a butterfly. Hope to use them in future paintings. You never know!

If anyone knows what kind of butterfly I have captured here, I would love to know!

Butterfly_closed_fb Butterfly_open_fb ClematisInBloom_WholePlant_JN29_fb ClematisPurpleJN29_fb Daisy_2_JN29_fb DaisyJN29_fb DayLily_JN29_fb FirstRose_fb_JN29 Hydrangea_JN29_FirstFullBloom

Royal Botanical Gardens June 2015

Enjoyed a nice visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario today. Beautiful sunny day with just slight wind to deal with. Managed to get a few reference photos for possible use in upcoming botanical watercolours.ClematisPurple1 Iris_Yellow1 Iris_YellowPurple2 Iris_YellowWhite1 Peony4_June2015 PeonyMultiColours4 PeonyPink1 PeonyPink2 PeonyWhiteWithRedMiddle3 PurpleFlower1

First blooms of the season

Decided to take some photos of my own garden, before a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. Always good to check that lenses are clean and battery is fully charged!

Pelargonium2_June2015 Peony1_June2015 Peony2_June2015 Peony3_June2015Pelargonium1_June2015

Visit to McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Met with a group of SONSI members to view the “Vanishing Ice” exhibit currently showing at The McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Beautiful gallery!http://www.mcmichael.com

Inkberry Studio merchandise for sale at society6.com

society6 mug for sale

Just joined society6.com to experiment with selling some of my Inkberry Studio illustrations. Some of the products include coffee mugs, pillows, mobile cases, giclée and canvas prints as well as tote bags. Check out my shop here http://society6.com/inkberrystudio or join up with me: https://society6.com/register?referrer=inkberrystudio

Watercolour/Mixed Media Workshop – Antique Cutlery and Cranberries


Final painting completed today! Mostly painted in watercolour with some detail and highlights in Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils.


This past December, I became a member of the Pelham Art Association. They offer a variety of workshops and collaboration for local artists and its a great way to be inspired by your fellow artists. For the last few weeks, we have been working on the above watercolour painting of a set of tarnished cutlery. We are painting on Fabriano+Artistico 300 lb watercolour sheet and experimenting with different watercolour techniques to illustrate the textures in metals, fabric, glass and wood.

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