Tarja Barton Illustrator

Echinacea purpurea – Eastern Purple Coneflower

This illustration was created using just a little watercolor to determine shadows and highlights and Faber-Castell Polychromos color pencils for all detail work. All that needs to be done now is to create museum quality giclee prints and delivery… Read More

Inkberry Studio merchandise for sale at society6.com

Just joined society6.com to experiment with selling some of my Inkberry Studio illustrations. Some of the products include coffee mugs, pillows, mobile cases, giclée and canvas prints as well as tote bags. Check out my shop here http://society6.com/inkberrystudio… Read More

Water Lily Illustration

This past summer I strolled through Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. I shot some nice photos of many of the flowers that were blooming, this watercolour painting is based on one of those photos. ©2014 Tarja K. Kuronen.

House Finch Illustration – work in progress

This week at Inkberry Studio, I’m learning about Niagara Birds, specifically about the House Finch ‘Carpodacus mexicanus’. The House Finch is native to the west, but in the 1940s pet dealers in New York imported these birds to… Read More

‘Cyanistes caeruleus’, Blue Tit Illustration, March 16, 2014

Earlier illustration which I completed in March 2014. Mixed media water-colour and colour pencil illustration of a Blue Tit. Museum quality giglée prints are available for purchase at Etsy.com

Botanical Illustration for a wedding invitation nears completion.

This week at Inkberry Studio – finalizing botanical illustration and graphic design for a wedding invitation. Picking seeds/plants for a flower reference garden and wishing for sunny weather!